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Application Development

Tools for rapid innovation and improved software quality.

Agile and DevOps are no longer confined to small businesses. New Relic empowers large organizations to become more lean, innovative, and competitive. From one central dashboard, let Development and IT Operations manage new code collaboratively in both staging and production environments.


DevOps is not an option.

Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done, plain and simple. They deploy code more frequently which means getting features to market faster. DevOps integrated teams deliver quality, with lower failure rates, shortened lead times, and faster mean time to recovery.

It isn’t stability vs. continuous delivery.

New Relic provides the tools to break down the wall between Development and IT Operations where the incentives can be at odds. Outside of their silos, these departments benefit from New Relic’s end-to-end visibility. Company leaders benefit from knowing that vital teams are aligned and moving forward towards the same goals. With our solution, you can finally have continuous releases and quality software at the same time.

  • From a real-time dashboard provide a collaboration environment for Development and IT Operations.
  • Visualize app performance before and after new code is pushed live and pinpoint defects early before they spread.
  • Dive into the history of deployments, understand the impact on throughput, response time, and end-user satisfaction.


More time building, less time troubleshooting.

New Relic empowers developers to spend less time troubleshooting and more time building new features and products to keep their business and customers satisfied. New Relic provides a solution that was designed for developers and organizations with an emphasis on constant development and deployment.

With one dashboard providing insight into how deployments impact application performance, the entire team can work from the same page. Instantly spot performance issues in newly released code—and react before customers do. Spend less time searching for problem areas, and more time pushing out new code.

  • Monitor deployments with real time deployment markers indicating before and after performance metrics, providing the ability to quickly identify bugs and performance issues.
  • Collaboration between development teams and operation teams to understand the impacts of new releases, and where accountability lies.
  • Dive into performance metrics of new releases down to code-level specifics to quickly identify and troubleshoot bugs, and rapidly release bug fixes.

IT / Ops

Application performance in production.

New Relic provides a comprehensive overview of an application's performance, in one dashboard, providing the essential platform to monitor the impacts of code changes. Operations teams can understand and analyze the impact new code has on the stability of the rest of the application—even if the application remains stable, what is the impact on the database, or server? With a single-pane of glass, there is no uncertainty on how new releases have impacted the rest of the application environment.

  • Monitor the impact of new releases beyond the performance of application response times—to the implications on the several other components of the application.
  • Share a dashboard with the development team to gain insight into deployment details and ownership—increasing overall transparency and communication.
  • Drill into deployment details such as the direct impact on CPU utilization, physical memory utilization, implications on database performance and instantly identify impact on throughput.

Business Leader

A solution for empowered teams.

New Relic eliminates the risk, pain and time-consuming nature of pushing new code live by shining light on unclear areas and unifying the deployment process in one dashboard. Our deep dive solutions allow developers to spend less time resolving performance issues and more time building new code, and pushing out new releases. With an environment for Development and IT Operations to collaborate—there is clear visibility into the impact of new releases and where ownership lies in problem resolution.

  • Visibility into the impact of recent deployments on the performance of applications, as well as performance across the entire application stack, and impact on the end-user.
  • Collaboration and communication between all stakeholders in new releases—providing an environment sustainable for continuous releases with reduced performance issues.
  • Allows developers to spend more time innovating and creating and less time searching for performance issues—consequently building a lean and agile product.

"Just being able to pop open that dashboard and see what's going on with our site immediately, puts me at a ten in terms of my passion about New Relic and our need for this service."

Sam Parnell, CTO at Bleacher Report
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