Achieving Serverless Success with Dynamic Cloud and DevOps

New Relic’s exclusive survey of more than 500 large and small enterprises in the U.S. and Europe reveals that simply “lifting and shifting” a few applications to the hybrid cloud is simply not enough to fully capture the cloud computing’s transformative benefits. In fact, the key ingredients for cloud success are a heavy focus on leveraging the dynamic capabilities of the cloud combined with cultural transformation through a full-bore DevOps implementation.

Check out the full survey results to learn:

·       The three distinct phases of cloud adoption
·       Why the hybrid cloud may not be a long-term solution
·       The increasing push towards multi-cloud implementations
·       How DevOps and the dynamic cloud create powerful synergies
·       Why half-hearted DevOps efforts may actually prove counter-productive
·       The critical importance of performance monitoring to achieving success in the dynamic cloud

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