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The Vino Data Nerds

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Paulo César M. Jeveaux

IT Manager

Vitória, Brazil

"We saw a 20 milliseconds improvement in the average load time with the help from New Relic"

The New Relic Magic

We were having issues in our production environment that we were not able to resolve in dev or QA. Prior to bringing in New Relic, we tried to fix these problems by using an in-house technology that would help improve our log messaging. After many attempts at fixing it ourselves, we finally realized we needed a stronger tool and began looking into application performance monitoring.

In 2010 we discovered that New Relic offered a level of transparency into our stack that we had not been able to achieve using our current methods. Within the first day of deploying New Relic, we were able to identify many of the problems in our deployment process. We were like “Woah, this is really something magical.” The New Relic interface is intuitive and easy to use. We found the consolidated view on a single console to be much easier and faster to use than the multiple consoles from our old solution.

Products with Purpose

I use New Relic everyday to monitor For our customer-facing applications, the following features prove especially helpful:

  • Transaction Traces: We were able to gain visibility into the root cause of our application performance issues, due primarily to the fact that we could see the slow points and pay more attention to response times.
  • Error Reporting: We can quickly find when we have any unexpected runtime error and we then proactively work on a solution to fix it. It helps a lot when we are toggling on new features that we have already deployed and not used yet.
  • Alerting: When we are investing so much in developing and deploying our applications, it’s great to know we will be alerted when something goes wrong.

We are also really excited about New Relic Insights. Although we are still relatively new to the product, we are really looking forward to being able to query and aggregate imperative information. We’ve heard only good things about Insights and are looking forward to exploring more.

Faster Load Times

We had an issue a few weeks ago where we realized some queries were running slowly. Initially we thought it must’ve been a problem with our database or the application, but after checking New Relic, we realized that our production environment was overloaded. Before New Relic, it would’ve taken much more time to realize the root cause of this issue, but now with the help of this tool, we were able to quickly see the issue and fix it right away. We went into production and cleaned up the tables, and by doing so, we saw a 20 milliseconds improvement in the average load time. The coolest part about this is that we were then able to correlate that success with direct sales.

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