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Fit Radio

The Fit Data Nerds


Founded in 2010, and launched in 2011, FIT Radio streams fast-paced, DJ-engineered music carefully chosen to energize any trip to the gym. Built on the same music played in nightclubs throughout the world, the music is designed to intensify enthusiasm and boost workout performance. Whether a customer accesses FIT Radio either with their mobile app or via a desktop, we deliver on-the-go, high-BPM music across a range of genres-from house to rock to hip-hop. We are committed to providing popular, nonstop music arranged by many of the world’s most popular DJs-and the results show it. The basic service is free, with a premium option available to users who prefer their music with zero advertisements.

Dirk Ringersma

Director of Technology and Development

Atlanta, GA

New Relic just makes everything so easy. The software immediately points us to the specific call that’s causing a problem.

Reactive Troubleshooting

When we first launched, application monitoring was often a user-generated phenomenon. We often didn’t know about performance issues until our users notified us. Once we had been notified about a performance issue, we’d then investigate. The whole process was, for us, almost entirely reactive. To make matters worse, investigations were frequently slow to determine the exact source of any given problem. Not surprisingly, some performance issues would go unresolved for days - with serious consequences for FIT Radio’s uptime. We had to adopt a more proactive approach.

A Proactive Solution

As we began looking at possible solutions, New Relic quickly emerged as the obvious choice. New Relic just makes everything so easy. The software immediately points us to the specific call that’s causing a problem. Having that kind of information at our fingertips is a huge help in making sure that our response times are faster. FIT Radio now depends on New Relic to monitor our company’s development environment and our live environment. When those unanticipated problems occur in production, New Relic directs us exactly where we need to go. The increased productivity has been invaluable to our business.


Our developers no longer spend multiple hours - or even days - trying to troubleshoot a performance issue. With help from New Relic, most issues we come across are now resolved in less than an hour, with the bulk of resolutions taking fewer than 20 minutes. With less time time devoted to troubleshooting, we are now able to invest more energy and resources in pursuing strategic projects that help grow the company. Thanks in large part to the New Relic software, FIT Radio uptime is now up from 98% to 99.999%. Best of all, we no longer rely on users to perform site monitoring for us - which is a huge step towards increasing customer satisfaction.

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