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The Artfinding Data Nerd


Launched in 2013 and based in London, the Artfinder team is made up of passionate art and technology lovers, committed to making it easier for artists to reach a global audience and for artlovers to own affordable art. With funding from Wellington Partners and private investors in the UK, the US and Switzerland, Artfinder is transforming the way in which art is sold and owned.

Artfinder connects independent artists all over the world directly with customers - we're a bit like Etsy for art! We currently have 6,000 artists in 97 countries, making us the largest global marketplace for original art. Artfinder is, in essence, a new way of shopping for art. We are opening up a traditionally curator-led, advisory market, redefining 'affordable' art and making owning art truly accessible to everyone.

David Tilleyshort



“New Relic gives us confidence that we have a full view of what's going on with our applications and infrastructure.”

Small Team, Big Goals

We really pride ourselves on the fact that everything we work on has a purpose and that everything is pushing our marketplace forward. However, there are some very real challenges that come with having a lean team in a startup environment. We really started to feel those pains when our user experience began suffering from slow response times and when we realized our server infrastructure was reaching capacity.

Having a slow server response time was a major issue for us because it was creating was a pretty bad experience for our users. We needed an APM solution so we we could understand where the bottlenecks were and how we could optimize our site performance -- that’s when we turned to New Relic.

The APM Solution

New Relic APM provided us a real-time view of where our users pain points were, and helped us isolate code that needed optimizing. After deploying New Relic we could finally focus our resources on dealing with the performance issues that would give us the most benefit, and let us see which transactions were causing the most strain.

One of my favorite features is the server monitoring. It has really helped us to detect infrastructure problems before they affected our users. Before we were running New Relic we wouldn't know there was something wrong until it was too late. New Relic has helped us transition from reactive to proactive in our overall tech approach.

The Full Picture

Without the insight that we receive from New Relic, we would be blind to how our application operates in real- world scenarios. Integration tests, load tests and manual testing don’t pick up some of the key issues that affect our customers’ experience, but writing and executing tests is a time consuming process. In a world of continuous deployment, trying to figure out what change could have caused our server response time on a key transaction to double in the last few days can be impossible to track down. By having a complete view of exactly where the bottlenecks and inefficiencies are, we don’t need to try to extract this information from a black box. New Relic gives a level of transparency to our application that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

As we keep rolling out new features, and making use of different technologies, we’re now confident that we have a full view of what's going on with our applications and infrastructure. New Relic APM continues to be an essential part of our tool set. We continue to release new, complex features, and with APM we are able to profile those releases on our application and optimize these functions under real-world conditions, in a way that would be almost impossible otherwise.

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