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New Relic Media Summit
20th September • London

20th September 09:00-12:45

The Soho Hotel

4 Richmond Mews

London W1D 3DH

New Relic Media Summit 20th September • London

How do media companies define success in the digital age? By getting the right content to the right users—on-demand, and with the best experience possible. And by ensuring maximum revenue, including advertising, licensing and subscription fees.

Join us at the New Relic Media Summit and hear how media companies are transforming their businesses and achieving success, with a focus on three key areas:

  • Innovation around product, content and user experience
  • An omnichannel approach that drives unified—and enhanced—customer relationships
  • Mobile and video as the centrepiece of new offerings

This half-day event will be filled with relevant insights for your digital initiatives.

Whether you’re in Digital, DevOps, Ecommerce, IT Operations, Engineering or Application Support, you don’t want to miss it!