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New Relic One: Complete Observability, Simplified

A User’s Guide to the Platform for Creating More Perfect Software

Companies adopt distributed and complex environments for the incredible benefits they provide, including increased scalability and agility. But when it comes to monitoring them, most companies end up using a mix of a dozen different commercial and open source tools.

And when you’re troubleshooting, that means you waste a lot of precious time jumping between different dashboards and data silos. Even worse, a disparate tool set means you risk losing visibility from data silos or context gaps.

Building observability into your systems addresses those costly blind spots to decrease MTTR and make monitoring easier.  And to achieve observability, you need the right technology platform.

Enter New Relic One, the cloud-based observability platform built to help you create more perfect software.

This user guide gives you a quick overview of the platform’s three core components—and how you can use them to:

  • Improve uptime and performance

  • Achieve greater scale and efficiency

  • Accelerate time to market

Find out how New Relic One makes observability simple.



Download the user guide