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Join us for a quick and to-the-point live demo of this new set of tools in New Relic One.

Data queries no longer require NRQL knowledge! Now you can build flexible, information-dense dashboards with just a few clicks, easily create visuals that are more tailored and more useful, and solve problems faster with better dashboards.

Join us for a 15-minute tech session and get to know the new dashboards and chart builder in New Relic One. You can learn how to:

  • Build flexible, information-dense dashboards with just a few clicks (no NRQL required!)

  • Combine multiple data sources in one dashboard for faster problem-solving

  • Use new functionality to complement the visualizations you’re already using and extend their power even further

  • Plus, get to know new functionality like the global query bar, 12-column dashboard layout, consistent facet colors, substring search, and much more