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Using Log Patterns to Move Beyond Monitoring

With New Relic Customer Gett

For Gett, it’s crucial that technology is available to drivers and riders at all times — especially when there are unexpected spikes in traffic.

To do that, the ride-hailing SaaS needed a single source of truth for engineers to monitor all of their errors, business metrics, and logs data in one place.

Using logs capabilities, Gett’s IT teams transformed the way they respond to outages, allowing them to troubleshoot faster, improve collaboration with other teams, and automate monitoring.

Register for this fireside chat between Tal Cohen, Gett’s R&D Manager, and Sunna Vincent from New Relic to learn how the company:

  • Manages logs, responds to outages, and automates monitoring.

  • Uses dashboards to overcome technology challenges and deliver an exceptional digital customer experience.

  • Uses observability to optimise their incident management processes and resolve problems faster.

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