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Virtual Meetup: Serverless Fail Day!


What happens when keeping it real on serverless goes really wrong? 

We’ve all had that “oh no” moment. You just pushed an api call with “localhost” in the URL. The sinking realization that a runaway Lambda function has driven up your AWS bill or you forgot to adjust default timeout limits or a third-party service keeps failing—the list of horrors goes on and on.

There’s something cathartic (and useful) about discussing and learning from our serverless failures. 

Join us for an evening of serverless failures from your favorite developers. 

Serverless Fail Day Speaker lineup:

  • Sheen Brisals, LEGO – From Oops to Ops: Sloppy Little Serverless Stories
  • Jeremy Daly, ServerlessChats – How to Fail on Serverless
  • Erica Windisch, New Relic – Gmail was Cheaper and Actually Worked

About Serverless in Place Virtual Meetups

We are all learning to function together in a new way. 

Serverless isn’t just about the technology. It’s the narrative of how it's impacting our daily lives as developers and users.

While current events have forced the serverless community to remain physically apart from one another, we are working hard to stay connected.

With this in mind, join us for a casual series of gatherings and workshops as we serverless in place—together.

Case Study

American Eagle Outfitters Ensures a Seamless, Omni-Channel Shopping Experience for Customers