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Front End Training (August 2020)

*This meetup has ended. Registrations have closed.

Take a deeper look at how New Relic can help you optimise your DCX focusing on front end observability. 

This is a highly practical, lab-focused workshop, where you’ll learn some of the ways New Relic can help optimise your DCX, including:

  • How New Relic Browser can help you understand and optimize your website experience

  • How New Relic Synthetics can verify your site and APIs are available and functional

  • How New Relic Insights & Dashboards can be used to build custom front end visualizations around all this data, and link performance metrics to business KPI

  • How New Relic Mobile can help you see your app performance across different devices.

Who should attend:

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to optimise performance, and gain deeper visibility into their customer's experience.

  • This course will suit those who enjoy learning in an instructor-led virtual environment with hands-on activities, interactive discussions in an engaging virtual environment.

  • It is recommended that you have already attended the New Relic multi-session platform training in advance of taking this workshop.