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Recorded Live on June 25 @ 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Logging for Modern Organizations

Observability requires unified visibility into metrics, events, logs and traces. Unfortunately, traditional logging tools have been hard to implement, requiring multiple technologies, and dedicated specialists. Even worse, they lacked the ability to scale and support cloud native environments.

Software teams have been waiting for an open, fast, easy-to-use logging solution built for queries against any text-based data—whether it comes from on-prem or the cloud.  It also needs to provide visibility across machines, microservices, and ephemeral environments at scale. 

Join us to see how New Relic’s approach to logging tackles these issues.

We'll cover:

  • Best practices for collecting, searching, and correlating your logs for faster troubleshooting and investigation. 

  • How New Relic’s log monitoring can give you fast search response times.

  • How to quickly query, filter, and dive into the log details.

  • Examples of logs integrated with the other tooling and data you need to better understand why your complex systems are behaving badly.


This webinar is part of the three-part Observability in Practice webinar series, a deep dive into the key tools and best practices for achieving observability in modern systems.