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Launch Day with New Relic: A unified view for Ops, Dev and PM



Speakers: Devin Cheevers, Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Karon, Director of Engineering, New Relic Insights David Nichol, Software Engineer, New Relic Insights

With the recent launch of the Metric Explorer and Add-to-Insights product enhancements, New Relic Insights now delivers a single view of your data and dashboards in one place. But how do you use the trove of information from both metric and event data that New Relic collects? How is this useful across product, engineering, and marketing when rolling out a new feature?

In this webinar, find out how we used metric and event data from Insights to help us build towards the public launch of Metric Explorer and Add-To-Insights. We’ll cover:

  • Introduction to the Metric Explorer and Add-to-Insights

  • How Add-to-Insights and Metric Dashboards improved our pre-launch load testing

  • How we combined metric and event data in a single dashboard to watch feature adoption alongside ElasticSearch and service performance on launch day