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2019-10-23 16.33 New Relic Developer Training_ Learn how to build your own NROne Nerdlet (India)



If you can dream it, you can build it, with New Relic One - the industry’s first observability platform that’s open, connected, and programmable.

Watch our New Relic University Instructor Dan Johnson give an interactive and hands-on one hour webinar at 11am IST on Wednesday, 23 October where he will:

  • Show you how to deploy one of our open-source applications on New Relic One, in particular we'll dive into: Cloud optimizer - This application finds resources that are sized larger than needed, and estimates your savings. You could save thousands of dollars by simply optimizing the size of your instances (Currently supports AWS). GitHub integration - Ever wondered what a service does, or who's been working on it? The GitHub integration pulls GitHub data like README files and top contributors right into the New Relic One UI so you can troubleshoot without jumping between websites.

  • Show you how to build your own Nerdpack from scratch