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HTTP/2: Can It Solve All Your Global App Performance Challenges?


Speaker: Clay Smith, Developer Advocate

In the 20 years since HTTP 1.1 was introduced, web applications are much larger and composed of hundreds of static and dynamic resources. The audience for many web applications has also become increasingly global as the total number of internet users has grown exponentially. With a clever design that reduces latency under certain conditions, the HTTP/2 protocol was designed to address problems with the modern web, including boosting international performance — but actually implementing it for many applications is difficult.

This webinar is a technical walkthrough of what implementing HTTP/2 looks like for a modern web application with a focus on how to measure and understand application performance data to make sure the switch to HTTP/2 is a success.

Specifically, we'll cover:

  • A brief introduction to the HTTP/2 protocol and how it's different from HTTP 1.1

  • Prerequisites needed before the switch and reasons why it might make sense to wait

  • Turning on HTTP/2 using nginx and potential content delivery network (CDN) options

  • Measuring performance and important metrics to watch: before and after

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