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Stalking the Lost Write: Memory Visibility in Concurrent Java_defn



Speakers: Jeff Berkowitz, Sr. Software Engineer Adam Larson, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Throughout its 18-year evolution, the Java language has played an industry-leading role in the tricky business of specifying the behavior of concurrent programs. Java's contribution became particularly evident with the introduction of the Java Memory Model (JMM) in Java 1.5. This is an area in which a down-to-the-metal understanding can help developers strike the right balance between safety and performance.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Start motivating the discussion with counterintuitive low-level examples.

  • Work "up from the weeds" to describe the JMM as a basis for more familiar programming patterns.

  • Walk you through how you could start debugging your JVM issues using New Relic.