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Managing the Customer Experience for Media – Web, Mobile, and Video



You think you’re ready. You’ve doubled your cloud infrastructure. You’ve redesigned web pages and launched new mobile apps and OTT channels. Then that big event happens or a story goes viral. With all eyes on your website, what will your users see? Ads and great content? Or errors and buffering?

From your CMS to the CDN, from the webpage to the media player, New Relic provides end-to-end monitoring and analytics that let you to connect your authors to your audience with bufferless video and audio performance. Learn the details on how the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform can help you quickly identify, isolate, and fix problems—whether they reside in backend code, external services or scripts, a third-party mobile app, or an ad provider.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Tips on how to identify and resolve performance issues with video streaming and end-user experience

  • Using real-time analytics to answer key business questions on customer usage and behaviors

  • Our best practices on how to deal with performance bottlenecks, outages, and seasonal spikes