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Data Nerd Meetup - Future Stack Edition


On the back of our recent two day FutureStack conference, we put together a special 90 minute  version of our Data Nerd meetup series. Watch this on-demand event where we will get you across all our exciting new launches and announcements from the event as we continue our mission to make observability a daily practice for millions of engineers, at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Watch on demand and we’ll show you how:

  • Our updated Kubernetes experience, powered by Pixie Auto-Telemetry provides instant observability with no instrumentation, simplifying the time and effort for developers to get visibility.
  • New Relic Errors Inbox is a single place to view, triage, and resolve errors across the full application stack, allowing you to proactively fix errors before customer experience is degraded, making debugging workloads faster for developers. 
  • We’re partnering with the network observability company Kentik to extend its industry-leading visibility into the network layer. Extending New Relic One to include network observability from Kentik streamlines operations by ensuring that DevOps and network teams can work better together to resolve issues quickly. 

Plus we’ll also pack in some quick-fire demos from our engineers around our other recent launches, showing you how New Relic Explorer helps you understand your entire system health at a glance, demonstrating practical user cases for New Relic AIOps and guiding you how to get the most out latest Log Management capabilities.