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Migrating and Scaling in the Cloud (EMEA)



Keeping an application running at scale in the cloud is different than keeping it running in your own data centres. The way you scale is different, the way you troubleshoot is different, and the monitoring you need is different. From static compute to dynamic autoscaling to serverless services and microservices, combined with the demands of creating new digital businesses, cloud services provide new opportunities—and new challenges. And moving to the cloud can be a challenge of its own.

Learn more about cloud monitoring for your dynamic environment. Find Success in the Cloud.

Join this live, interactive webinar with Lee Atchison, Author of Architecting for Scale, as he shares his expert insights on:

  • The differences in modern cloud technologies and how they impact monitoring

  • Facing the challenges of cloud migration, including strategies for migrating and scaling applications in AWS

  • How to answer questions like “Are we ready to move to the cloud?” and “What do we need to do to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer?”