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Infrastructure and APM: A Match Made in Ops Heaven



What if we told you there was a way to, without any configuration required, completely monitor your cloud-based applications, including key health metrics? Sign you up, right? Many times an application performance issue stems from the underpinning cloud infrastructure — but can you know for certain? Dynamic infrastructure such as AWS EC2 and Docker bring the power of flexibility, agility, and scale to your IT Ops environment, but they also create unique monitoring challenges.

In this webinar, find out how you can get complete end-to-end visibility, from your applications through your infrastructure. We’ll discuss how with the combined power of New Relic APM and Infrastructure you can:

  • Monitor full-stack performance down to the host level

  • Support all the ways you deploy your apps (containers, cloud, VMs, bare metal)

  • Scale your applications with auto-scales monitoring and alert coverage

  • Enable custom dashboards within New Relic Insights using APM/Infra data

  • Gain a unified view for your application development and ops teams