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DevOps 101: Moving Fast with Confidence



Since the term “DevOps” was coined nearly a decade ago, organizations have strived to embrace the concept as a way to increase agility and speed. Yet, after years of experiments and pilots, DevOps has often failed to live up to grand expectations. For many organizations, the seemingly simple concepts of collaboration and transparency are challenging in practice.

Join Donnie Berkholz, DevOps Research Director at 451 Research, to discover what successful DevOps looks like and how new collaboration models and technologies can aid in your efforts to adopt this software development methodology.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Why DevOps is important for your business

  • The key pillars of successful DevOps

  • Emerging trends in the use of containers to enable agility

  • Real-world examples that address common DevOps challenges

  • Sample dashboards and metrics that help dev and ops teams stay in sync

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