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Live Webinar

Bosch Tech Talk- IoT #LikeABosch

7 December 9am-10am GMT/ 10am-11am CEST

We are delighted to invite you to our latest Tech Talk webinar for all Tech Nerds at BOSCH.

The Tech Talk is tailored to New Relic practitioners and also those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest cool observability trends, get best practices from Bosch's own and our experts and learn more about available Technology from New Relic to observe your IT Quality.

When: 7 December 9am-10am GMT/ 10am-11am CEST
Format: Virtual Event via GoToWebinar 

Register via the form on the right and we will send you the webinar details.


  • New Relic One - Observability for Bosch

  • New Relic One - A Programmable Platform

  • Application Example - Tracking MTTx

  • New Relic One - Features

  • Upcoming Events

  • Q & A

You have another hot topic you would like to learn more about? We want to hear about it!
Just drop a note to your New Relic Account Team ( and we will cover it in one of our Tech Talks.

Who should attend:

  • All practitioners using New Relic to monitor and improve performance of their application, all Nerds who are interested in being informed about observability, data driven decision making and services including integration with logging to improve troubleshooting and reduce MTTR
  • Those who enjoy trying out new features and learn new things


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