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Best Practices for Full Stack Observability for SolarWinds Orion


Monitoring starts with having the right tools for the job, but too many tools can make it harder to get a fast, clear picture of your stack. That’s why full stack observability includes bringing the data from all of those tools together for faster analysis and complete visibility.

Led by experts in both SolarWinds and New Relic, this webinar covers best practices and technical tricks for using SolarWinds and New Relic together to elevate your ability to respond in a distributed world.

Join Zack Mutchler and Josh Biggley. They’ll show you how to:


  • Solve problems faster so you can focus on engineering

  • Stop “swivel chair” troubleshooting with a single pane of glass

  • Improve KPI, SLO, and “Did I sleep through the night?” scores


Make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools with these best practices!