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For the Love of Serverless Webinar



Join serverless experts on a deeper dive into the data.

The release of the first edition of For the Love of Serverless marks the beginning of a new era for understanding serverless.

While a lot of people are talking about serverless trends, there’s a lack of quantitative data out there to give developers, DevOps practitioners, and decision makers the crucial serverless adoption metrics and benchmarks they need. 

For the Love of Serverless: 2020 AWS Lambda Benchmark Report changes that. New Relic One processes trillions of serverless events every month, creating a massive data pool aggregated and analyzed to fuel the report. The result is key trends, insights, and benchmarks essential for anyone building a serverless architecture.

And now we’re taking it to the next level. Join Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffery HammondAWS Principal Developer Advocate Chris Munns, and New Relic Principal Product Manager Adam Johnson as they dig into the data—and what it means for serverless in 2020.

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