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Front-end Operations – Why it’s vital to application success


Today, more and more of your customers are interacting with your business primarily through your website. If your web apps are slow – or worse, down – you’re essentially out of business. Revenue, customer loyalty, and brand all take a hit.

Because of the stakes involved, innovative companies have Front-end Operations teams, who own app performance from a customer perspective. They need to optimize client-side application logic running the browser, monitor performance across geographies and time zones, and look for opportunities to improve performance across networks. Given the complexity of these front-end application concerns, it makes sense to split Front-End Ops into its own team, separate from Back-End Ops, who already have plenty on their plate.

Join us in this 45 minute webinar where we’ll cover:

  • Front-end Application Concerns
  • Ideas for structuring Front-end Ops teams separately from Back-end Ops
  • Real user monitoring techniques
  • Synthetics monitoring techniques
  • Analyzing end-user performance data