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Decrease MTTR and Alert Fatigue by Tracking Operational Metrics


Customer-facing downtime should be an exception for business operations, not an expected event. Not only do outages hurt your quality of service to your customers, they also randomize engineering time, hurt morale, and keep your team in a reactive, rather than a proactive, state. By tracking the right operations metrics, you can mitigate problems before they result in customer downtime.

It’s easy to say “track your operations performance,” but what does that actually mean? What should you track, and why? How do you set goals around your metrics? And how do you take action on what you find?

We’ll go into specific strategies to:

  • Select the right ops metrics to track for your organization
  • Set realistic but ambitious goals for performance
  • Use incident data to prioritize engineering work
  • Track on-call workload to prevent burnout
  • Correlate events to uncover root causes

Join PagerDuty to learn how to take your operations to the next level, avoid burnout and protect against future downtime!

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