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The State of On-Call 2014: Why it (Still) Sucks & How Teams Are Making it Better


Our partner VictorOps surveyed over 500 people and asked them about how they're handling the on-call process. Those who participated dished on everything from the details on logistics (what tools they're using & who makes up the teams) to whether they're doing DevOps, agile or infrastructure automation.

Join us and our partner VictorOps in this 60 min webinar where we'll cover:

  • The prevalence of alert fatigue
  • How many organizations are embracing ChatOps
  • The most popular way to access information during a firefight
  • The use of monitoring tools like New Relic
  • The % of companies doing retrospectives
  • The most valuable things that teams are doing to solve problems faster

The State of On-Call Report dives into the emotion behind the process while shedding light on what pain points still need solving. Watch the recording to learn more about the report findings.

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