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Single Page App Monitoring 101:
Troubleshooting route change performance with New Relic Browser (EMEA)


Are you delivering a fluid customer experience with your Single Page App (SPA)? Are you sure? Whether you’re working with an Angular, React, Ember, or Backbone, or Custom framework, as much as 90% of your user experience happens outside of traditional page loads. Without first-class monitoring for your SPAs, you are blind to the vast majority of your frontend performance and user experience. This can lead to lost users — and lost revenue.

See how New Relic Browser’s unique low-level instrumentation and new JavaScript framework-agnostic SPA monitoring provides future-proofed visibility that can help you improve user experiences.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Triage route changes and page load timing that are impacting your user experiences

  • Understand AJAX requests connected to route changes for faster troubleshooting

  • Track your true SPA page load lifecycle to see user interactions and AJAX after the initial page load