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Single Page App Monitoring 101:
Troubleshooting route change performance with New Relic Browser


Jeff Martens, Browser Product Manager at New Relic
Dan Stadler, Senior Sales Engineer at New Relic

Are you delivering a fluid customer experience with your Single Page App (SPA)? Are you sure? Whether you’re working with an Angular, React, Ember, or Backbone, or Custom framework, as much as 90% of your user experience happens outside of traditional page loads. Without first-class monitoring for your SPAs, you are blind to the vast majority of your frontend performance and user experience. This can lead to lost users — and lost revenue.

See how New Relic Browser’s unique low-level instrumentation and new JavaScript framework-agnostic SPA monitoring provides future-proofed visibility that can help you improve user experiences.

In this webinar, see how New Relic Browser delivers visibility into SPA performance, no matter what type of framework you use. You’ll learn how to:

  • Triage route changes and page load timing that are impacting your user experiences

  • Understand AJAX requests connected to route changes for faster troubleshooting

  • Track your true SPA page load lifecycle to see user interactions and AJAX after the initial page load

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