Serverless Stocking Stuffers: The 12 things you missed about serverless at this year's re:Invent


Last week at re:Invent, AWS delivered a dizzying amount of new features and services. With hundreds of serverless sessions and dozens of announcements, it’s hard to identify the things that matter most to your team. 

If you’re a little confused, you’re not alone.

In this session hosted by New Relic Principal Product Manager Adam Johnson and AWS Senior Developer Advocate James Beswick, we'll cover everything new in the world of AWS Lambda and serverless. We'll go deep into the ins and outs of some of the new key features in Lambda and surrounding services, such as Provisioned Concurrency, Step Functions Express Workflows, and 10 other new features that were announced at re:Invent.

In addition, Adam will be covering what’s new in the world of serverless observability and some of the new features available on New Relic.

Serverless Stocking Stuffers from re:Invent:

  • How to use Provisioned Concurrency to get rid of cold starts forever

  • Saving cloud costs with Step Functions Express Workflows

  • The 10 other critical announcements you missed and what to do about them

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