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Use New Relic Like a Pro (Recording)


Ready to start using New Relic like a pro? Join us for our first Australia & New Zealand specific webinar and learn how to use the crucial features you need to tune and optimize your apps.

We'll show you how using the New Relic product suite can help you:

  • Minimize the impact performance issues have on your customers
  • Report on your customers' experience
  • Quickly pinpoint issue ownership (internally and with external services)
  • Alert and/or report on key business transactions (ex: ‘Add to Cart’ ‘Create Trial’)
  • Find bottlenecks before they’re rolled into production
  • Understand infrastructure performance through different levels of throughput (Disk I/O, Memory, CPU, etc.)
  • Streamline communication between developers, ops, DBA’s, etc
  • Identify and prevent performance problems before they happen

Watch the recording!