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Mobile Analytics 101: Measuring Mobile Apps with guest Forrester


Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Hammond, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

The ways people interact with mobile apps are different from the web, as are the tools, roles and responsibilities for managing feedback and learning back into development. Mobile teams need to deliver new versions and releases much faster than before: 8-12 times a year or more.

How do you know which enhancements will the have the biggest impact for your users? What is your feedback loop for collecting and analyzing metrics from users? Are you using this data to inform business decisions? Mobile teams need a feedback loop that drives the strategy of these updates. To truly understand the customer’s digital experience, mobile teams should utilize:

  • Business metrics help tie the expense of building and maintaining apps to the business goals.
  • Technical metrics allow dev teams to zero in on problems in production and prioritize projects.
  • Engagement metrics help measure product awareness, brand identification and customer loyalty.

Developers can better win, serve, and retain customers by gathering the data needed to analyze apps’ performance, gain insight into what’s working and what needs to be fixed, prioritize new features, and repair defects.

Duration: 60 mins

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