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Analyze Your Data In More Ways With Insights Funnels, Cohorts, and Bucketing


Decision makers, application owners, and individuals who are responsible for the business behind their software need a real-time analytics platform that allows them to quickly and easily slice, dice, and analyze the stream of data coming from their software.

New Relic Insights now provides business users with powerful new features for analyzing their data. In this webinar, we will provide a high-level overview of New Relic Insights as well as provide a deep-dive in to the new features we recently announced at FutureStack 2014.

In this webinar, we will highlight:

  • Funnels – tracking user engagement across a series of events within your application
  • Cohorts – analyzing how various segments of your users engage your application based of when they took a key action, like signing up or purchasing
  • Bucketing – grouping together your numerical data to summarize it for insights
  • Math – using math across your key metrics to create real-time KPIs that are important to your business

Join us to see examples of how eCommerce and SaaS-based companies use these new features in New Relic Insights!

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