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Learn how Sportsbet is creating a shift from ‘drama-driven’ to ‘data-driven’ with New Relic tools


“Keeping your teams aware of what is happening for end-users in the real-world and keeping them focused on creating value every day requires the use of excellent tools.” Join us in this webinar to chat with Luke Toop on how his team at Sportsbet uses New Relic Mobile, Browser and Insights to stay successful.

We’ll focus on discussing how to solve some of these key challenges:

  • What to do when you have multi channel offerings - mobile and tablet form factors for web and native clients
  • Dealing with ‘Flash mob' usage patterns, when the greatest volumes of usage come in the minutes before an event begins
  • How to deal with huge growths in mobile users, each with new patterns of usage and connectivity compared to desktop users
  • Maintaining high targets for performance and throughput and high standards for customer experience in a competitive marketplace

Learn how New Relic Mobile, Browser & Insights have helped Sportsbet to (among other things)

  • Understand the real-world experience of users
  • Rapidly diagnose and bring attention to issues affecting customers
  • Answer ad-hoc queries on customer interactions and errors