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How Retailers Can Drive Digital Experience Excellence


Audience: This webinar will be of particular interest to those in a DevOps, Ecommerce, Digital, IT Operations, Engineering or Application Support role in a retail environment.

You’ll learn how New Relic enables retailers to:

  • Deliver a consistent customer experience - by giving them insight into how their software applications are impacting the customer experience across mobile and the web.
  • Have visibility of every digital customer interaction - by providing the tools to analyse the experiences of their customers by browsers, geographies and devices.
  • Measure sales and site performance in one place - to understand the impact on sales figures of a poorly performing host, slow database issues and application downtime.
  • Drive adoption and innovation - by leveraging the wealth of application data to make decisions on customer usage, feature adoption and prioritisation for development teams.
  • Improve customer service - by tracking the exact pages, transactions and features that customers are using to troubleshoot, identify and solve bugs and support tickets.

Duration: 60 minutes

Prepare your questions for the live Q&A.

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