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Bring Frontend and Backend Monitoring Together, from the Start


Understanding how your backend applications perform is traditionally the center of performance monitoring efforts. Response times, errors, and transactions are all essential elements you need to measure in order to keep your digital business open. However, performance monitoring can’t stop there. In today’s applications, more and more code is running on the client-side (browser) and performance monitoring needs to extend to the front end as well. You need to see the full story to ensure a positive user experience. Everything from the first page load to the final click to complete their transaction counts.

Attend this 60 min webinar to learn how New Relic APM + Browser:

  • Are designed to work together to provide a powerful level of insight to help you improve front and backend performance
  • Can help you see total time spent in your application and break that down between the multiple layers of your front and backend apps
  • Gives you a unique view into the performance of URLs your visitors land on
  • Allows you to follow a user through their entire experience in your app and visualize where any bottlenecks occur

Stay for the LIVE Q&A to get all your front and backend monitoring questions answered.

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