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The New Role for I&O: Moving from IT to Business Technology


The influx of cloud services, smart devices, SaaS, and other digital disruptions have put many operations groups on the back foot. Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams have responded by doing what they know best: adopting virtualization, increasing headcount, and automating some management processes, all in the hope that this will endear them to the CEO and the business side of the house.

But this falls short of expectations. To answer the growing needs of business technology (BT) and survive the onslaught of services directly sourced by the business, I&O must do the following:

  • Adopt a radically different model
  • Understand where and how to optimize
  • Prove their value

In this webinar, we will look at the current and future technology landscape and the new initiatives mandated by business technology, two parameters that influence the I&O transformation. What organizational changes do you need to make? How do you position yourself to make a difference for your business?