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Building a Cloud Transformation Roadmap


Building a Cloud Transformation Roadmap

The Cloud has matured into a strategic resource enabling enterprises to enter new markets, outpace their competitors, and reduce costs. So how does an enterprise work through the variables in order to make a sound business decision that leverages the resources available in the cloud?

Join us and our partner RDA in this 60 minute webinar where we’ll cover:

  • How enterprises are using the Cloud
  • Defining a Cloud Strategy
  • Considerations for a Cloud Implementation
  • Drivers for transformation
  • New Relic as your development & operations co-pilot
  • Cloud Transformation stories
  • Why use the Cloud for mobile applications

This webinar will drill into the analysis and design due diligence needed to make an informed decision and to develop a cloud transformation roadmap that can be used to rehost, revise, or rebuild your solution portfolio to best meet your business objectives.