Chaos, Testing, and You: Intro to Adversarial Gamedays


In your complex software and systems, even if everything is stable, and uptime is great, it’s only a matter of time. Stuff breaks. It’s a fact of life for modern software teams.  

Teams at Amazon and Netflix have pioneered “chaos engineering” practices as a way to improve reliability. A new and important subset of this idea is “adversarial gameday testing,” where one team member introduces faults into a system and the rest of the team remediates those faults—in order to build a more resilient system overall.

In this webinar, our Site Reliability “Champion” Terri Haber will teach you the fundamentals of adversarial gamedays, including:

  • Defining the What, Why, When, Who, Where, and How of adversarial gamedays

  • Tips for adapting and integrating gamedays into your own SRE practices

  • How you can use gamedays to manage incidents and reduce MTTR when real issues occur

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