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Application Monitoring in a Post-Server World


Speaker: Kevin McGuire, Director of Engineering at New Relic

We believe that the move towards microservices in Docker, EC2 and Lambda points to a shift towards shorter lived resources, changing the landscape in several ways. These new application architectures are driving new agility and efficiency. But they, while providing developers with inherent scalability, elasticity, and flexibility, also present new challenges for application monitoring. The days of static server monitoring with a single health and status check are over. These days you need to know how your entire ecosystem of AWS EC2 instances are performing, especially since many of them are short lived and may only exist for a few minutes. With such transient ephemeral resources, there is no server to monitor; you need to understand performance along the lines of computational intent. And for this, you need the context in which these resources are performing.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss how:

  • Monitoring Docker has helped us rethink how we monitor and analyze AWS
  • Contextual information like instance size, availability zone and tags can be used to drive an understanding of transient infrastructure behavior and application performance.
  • Integrating status information can give you a more accurate view of EC2 lifecycle and health
  • Information helps power the ability for you to analyze and display that performance information in new and powerful ways.

Stay for the LIVE Q&A to get your questions answered about application monitoring and AWS.