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Advanced Performance Analytics: Case Studies & Technical Demo


Thursday, Feb 12th @ 4pm PST / Friday, Feb 13th @ 11am Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Our APM solution provides deep visibility for developers and operations professionals to build, deploy, and maintain great modern software applications. Using New Relic Insights on top of APM, we can also help engineering and operations leaders make critical decisions on prioritizing development efforts, increasing efficiency of application support, and further improving the user experience for key customers.

During the first half of this webinar, we'll will show how real customers have fine-tuned their analysis of APM data with New Relic Insights to deliver on Advanced Performance Analysis for their key applications and provide broader visibility on key performance metrics across their organization. In the second half, we'll do a technical demo of the features that allowed these customers to do this analysis.

Audience: New Relic customers who are new to APM + Insights or are curious about what APM + Insights can do for them.

Learn about using APM + New Relic Insights to tackle tough questions like:

  • How do I determine to invest engineering resources into new features vs. fixing our technical debt?
  • How do I determine which browsers, OS, and versions I need to support?
  • How do I track SLA compliance for our top revenue generating customers?
  • How do I track the click stream of specific customers when a support issue comes in?

Join in on the live Q&A to get all your APM and Insights questions answered.

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