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Use New Relic Like a Pro


Speaker: Frank Polowitz, Sales Engineer at New Relic

Are you ready to take your knowledge to the next level and start using the New Relic product suite like a pro? Join Frank on Thursday, 24th March at 10 AM GMT/11 AM CET to see how to use crucial features to tune and optimise your apps.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can use New Relic to:

  • Minimise the impact performance issues have on your customers
  • Report on your customers' experience
  • Quickly pinpoint issue ownership (internally and with external services)
  • Alert and/or report on key business transactions (E.g.: ‘Add to Basket’ ‘Create Trial’)
  • Find bottlenecks before they’re rolled into production
  • Understand infrastructure performance through different levels of throughput (Disk I/O, Memory, CPU, etc.)