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Integrating & Extending the New Relic Platform - APIs, Plugins, and more!


Cooper Marcus, Senior Product Manager at New Relic
Clay Smith, Developer Advocate at New Relic

Join Cooper and Clay on Monday, February 8th to find out how to use New Relic integrations and APIs to drive real-time insights into your business. We think it will leave you feeling empowered to try existing integrations, excited to build new ones, and motivated to make the New Relic platform your own.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Off-the-shelf integrations—Plugins and more
  • New Relic API setup—how to enable access and create API keys for your applications
  • Using the New Relic API Explorer—how to execute complex API queries and see responses directly in the browser
  • Building your own integrations—how to write code that uses New Relic’s REST API with a practical example
  • Sending custom data to New Relic Insights and creating visualizations