Understanding Microservice Latency: An Introduction to New Relic Distributed Tracing


Software teams, working in an environment where there are many services involved in servicing a request, need to deeply understand the performance of every service, so they can more effectively resolve performance issues, measure overall system health, and prioritise high-value areas for improvement.  

New Relic Distributed Tracing is designed to give software teams an easy way to capture, visualise, and analyse traces through complex architectures, including architectures that use both monoliths and microservices.

Join Sean Carpenter from the APM product team and Stephen Crowley, Solution Engineer, for a webinar on New Relic distributed tracing where he will cover:

  • Challenges of Rapid Innovation in distributed systems

  • Monitoring and observability in modern software

  • New Relic distributed tracing capabilities

  • Live Demo and Q&A

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