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Optimising Application Performance to Improve the Customer Experience


An Introduction to New Relic

Join us on Friday 27th November for the latest in a series of webinars looking at how New Relic can be used to provide deep visibility for developers and operations professionals to help them build, deploy and maintain great modern software applications.

New Relic can help IT and business leaders make critical decisions on prioritising development efforts, which can increase efficiency of application support and further improve the customer experience.

You'll see how New Relic:

  • Is designed to give everyone invested in making your applications the data and diagnostics they need to drive successful digital initiatives with maximum insight and minimum drama.
  • Helps you focus on getting real-time data to every decision maker, in every department, so they can make fast and informed decisions to be made about your software, customers and business.
  • Helps modern software teams deliver high performing, stable software in production through a perfect blend of deep dive diagnostics and diverse monitoring capabilities for today’s complex application environments.
  • Can provide your entire organisation real-time, end-to-end performance visibility into the fragmented ecosystems in which your apps are operating.

Whether you’re in DevOps, Ecommerce, IT Operations, Engineering or Application Support, this webinar is designed to provide you with the information you need to understand the stories your data is trying to tell you.