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What’s stopping you from moving to the cloud?

It’s no secret: Moving to the cloud is a massive undertaking. With all the organisational decision-making required, companies can end up struggling, spending way too much time and money and lose confidence in their migration projects. “However, to be done right, organizations need to approach the cloud with clarity of vision and expectations, knowledge of options, understanding of business drivers (both opportunities and risks), proper planning, disciplined execution, and ongoing, deliberate governance and management.” *

Despite the convenience and affordability of cloud solutions, the actual migration process presents a number of challenges, including training, security and lag time. Some of the questions you and your team need to understand before you start your migration are:

  • What are the KPIs that you track?
  • How do you know when a migration is successful?
  • How do you clearly articulate performance metrics and improvements to your stakeholders?

Join AWS and New Relic as we dive into what it takes to achieve a quick, peaceful, and successful migration.

* Deloitte

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