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Go All In On Your Digital Customer Experience

Win more users and gain a competitive edge with New Relic

The sports betting industry has changed beyond all recognition in the last five years with technology and innovation being the key drivers. Today 70% of remote betting in the UK takes place on mobile devices. And when this channel has an outage, slowdown, or crash, every second that passes translates into thousands in lost revenue, as well as a negative impact on customer loyalty and brand reputation.

The New Relic platform helps sports betting companies of all sizes deliver an optimal digital experience by giving everyone at the company a single, shared view of the customer across interactions, channels, and products. Through synthetic tests, real user monitoring, and native mobile app monitoring, it enables you to monitor how customers interact with your sports betting site, including which features are being used and whether performance differs by geography, browser, or device. The result? Valuable insights delivered with speed, agility, and precision.

Key Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, retain more customers, and generate incremental revenue from high-value customers and advertisers.

  • Make better software decisions by focusing efforts on the areas that promise the biggest return.

  • Foster collaboration across the organisation as everyone has access to the data they need to contribute to the success of the software—and the business.

  • Drive positive business outcomes (more customers, more brand awareness, better competitive advantage) by understanding and improving customer experience.

Extend visibility into frontend and usage metrics

New Relic Browser provides code-level visibility for web applications—including single-page apps—at every point in the delivery chain, with deep integration that helps frontend and backend developers collaborate more effectively. It gives you visibility into the impact of frontend performance on the customer experience. And because New Relic is framework agnostic, you’ll have visibility into your software no matter how framework technologies evolve.

Be proactive with synthetic monitoring

A major sporting event can cause your online betting traffic to spike at a moment’s notice. New Relic Synthetics helps ensure your website is up and your critical services and customer-facing transactions are available and working properly across different geographies and platforms. You can proactively simulate user behavior to validate availability, functionality, and performance for continuous, last-mile monitoring of your application.

Deliver great mobile apps, win more users

Designed to provide code-level visibility into mobile app behavior, New Relic Mobile supplies the performance data you need to make sure customers are having a great experience, including performance data about networks and third-party services, crash diagnostics such as stack traces and frequency trends, insight into HTTP errors, and much more. You can even track and analyse deployment trends to make sure your app improves with each release.

All your data in one place

All the products in the New Relic platform are powered by New Relic Insights. It provides a single pane of glass to view and analyse data you send to New Relic from your full technology stack. That includes application performance data sent to New Relic APM and data from your dynamic infrastructure layers sent to New Relic Infrastructure. To make this combination even more powerful, you can use custom attributes to connect this performance information with data specific to your business, such as customer ID, revenue, or product SKU. Insights enables almost anyone to create queries that answer key questions about application performance and customer experience—all in real time.

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