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New Relic Solution Frameworks

Accelerate your cloud, DevOps, and digital customer experience initiatives

Transforming your business with major technology initiatives like cloud adoption, cloud native, DevOps, and digital customer experience doesn’t happen overnight. But the results are worth it: better software, faster innovation, and happier customers. 

For these initiatives to succeed, your business needs to know exactly how its software performs today, so you can identify and address issues, track improvements, and learn from each iteration to make the software, customer experience, and business outcomes better moving forward. 

The New Relic solution framework offers a repeatable and proven approach to help you do just that. With proven best practices and expert guidance, your organization can move faster, stay on course, and transform successfully. 

Accelerate cloud adoption 

Cloud migrations must be prioritized appropriately, and you want to make sure customers aren’t feeling the pain of the transition either. The New Relic solution framework for cloud adoption will help you accelerate planning, migration, and optimization, while proving your success along the way. 

  • Plan: Prepare for the migration by establishing baselines, identifying dependencies, and prioritizing applications to migrate. 

  • Migrate: Identify issues and roadblocks during migration, validate cloud improvements, and perform acceptance testing. 

  • Run: Monitor cloud services, optimize cloud spend, re-architect applications, and optimize customer experience. 

Optimize your cloud native environment

Whether you were “born in the cloud” or have recently migrated on-premise applications to the cloud, you likely still have plenty of work to do to optimize your cloud native environment. Our solution framework offers guidance and best practices to help your organization leverage modern cloud tools with confidence and stability to push your business forward, faster.

  • Adopt: Get the visibility and data-driven insights your teams need to make smart architecture decisions, from which new services to adopt to how to begin breaking down your monolith into microservices.

  • Experiment: Deploy new features and fixes with fast feedback so you can experiment with confidence in your complex, distributed environment and find errors before your customers do.

  • Scale: Leverage the data-driven insights required to automate and grow your services efficiently across the entire stack, from the hosts that support your applications to the individual customer experiences they enable.

Get measurable DevOps results 

At New Relic, DevOps principles help us release software up to 70 times a day. Our solution framework for DevOps incorporates our best practices for modern software delivery into a process that helps your organization confidently scale to deliver new value to customers quickly. 

  • Prepare: Establish clear service-level objectives and put instrumentation in place to measure success. 

  • Activate: Define and hone your DevOps processes by creating team dashboards, iterating and measuring impact, and integrating application data into incident response. 

  • Optimize: Review your progress, analyze application dependencies and infrastructure resources, and find ways to continually improve the customer experience. 

Optimize digital customer experience 

For digital success, every part of the customer journey must be available, functional, and instant. Our solution framework delivers guidance and best practices for optimizing the digital customer experience to delight your customers and meet your business objectives. 

  • Prepare: Establish customer-centric instrumentation, determine baselines, and address performance issues. 

  • Customize: Tune instrumentation to capture business-specific KPIs and tie technical efforts to business impact; create dashboards and alerts to create alignment across digital stakeholders. 

  • React: Build processes for incident response to triage and resolve based on customer impact. 

“Using New Relic, we migrated 50,000 customers and over 200,000 total websites in just two weeks with no major incidents.” 

Josh Koenig, Co-founder and Head of Product at Pantheon 


What is it? 

New Relic solution frameworks offer a roadmap for cloud adoption, cloud native, DevOps, and digital customer experience initiatives. 

How does it work?

We provide you and your transformation partners with prescriptive and practical best practices for achieving measurable success at each step of the journey. Composed of recommended key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and how-to documentation (plus more), our frameworks provide a foundation to build upon and customize based on your goals. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Accelerates planning and execution of business initiatives 

  • Aligns teams and provides visibility throughout the initiative 

  • Demonstrates success of your business initiative 

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