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New Relic One for the Energy Industry

Using an observability platform for next-generation digital transformation

The energy industry is taking advantage of the opportunities created by digitalization. From highly automated closed-loop systems in downstream and generation to the remote monitoring of upstream, new technologies and practices bring significant opportunities for improvements in operational efficiency and business agility. However, as more assets are connected, and more tools are adopted, managing and optimizing the ecosystem becomes increasingly complex.

New Relic One bridges the gap between legacy exploration/production systems, IoT-enabled endpoints, asset management, maintenance systems, historians, and other serial data sources with modern applications and cloud platforms to provide a unified view for holistic observability. With New Relic One, teams get the visibility and detailed metrics they need to manage and optimize every aspect of their digital business.

Improve uptime and productivity levels

New Relic One helps energy teams manage a vast IT ecosystem through the power of a connected, intelligent platform. Understand energy information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) system health in context by surfacing meaningful connections between production data, IoT, and serial field data with asset tags, logs, infrastructure, and applications. By automating redundant and known processes like cross-domain root cause analysis, teams enjoy measurable cost savings and faster incident response times.

With New Relic One, teams get:

  • Data, systems, and technology integration, regardless of the data source
  • Contextual insight into distributed services, applications, and serverless functions, no matter how or where they are built 
  • A consolidated view of application health, from real-time operations centers (RTOCs) and network operations centers (NOCs) to handheld devices
all new relic operational data in one place diagram

Bring together data from legacy and modern systems for end-to-end visibility

As lines continue to blur between IT and OT, operations’ dependence on IT tools is a significant challenge. Mission-critical tools, such as operator tracking and scheduling systems, are traditionally developed and managed by IT and have to meet the same availability level as a control system. 

It is critical for IT and OT managers to eliminate data silos and accelerate mean time to detection (MTTD) and resolution (MTTR) when application issues arise. This process starts with standardizing onto one platform to collect and explore your telemetry data. New Relic One provides a common framework that allows IT and OT teams to efficiently overcome unpredictable demand and data silos.

With New Relic One, teams can:

  • Understand system health across complex, interdependent energy systems, such as operations and maintenance (O&M) systems, field applications, SAP modules, and cloud services
  • Improve response time to operational and technical issues
  • Monitor engineering analytics systems with dashboards and intelligent alerts
IT vs. OT diagram

Address the challenge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive failure

IT investments in the energy industry have been substantial, resulting in a tidal wave of information sources, tag data, and software applications. New Relic Applied Intelligence separates the signal from the noise with out-of-the-box artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities delivering faster detection and prediction of software deficiencies, topological relationships, and tag failures.

“Halliburton offers cloud-based applications to solve E&P customer challenges through DecisionSpace® 365 powered by iEnergy®. Halliburton leverages the New Relic One platform to provide valuable insights into the health and performance of the DecisionSpace 365 applications in order to continually improve the experience of our customers.”

Andy Anglin, Director, Cloud Technologies, Halliburton

Observability made simple

The energy industry is rapidly changing, and digital transformation done right gives companies the ability to innovate and drive meaningful business value. Empower your teams to move faster and reduce complexity with New Relic One. Instrument OT and IT systems to eliminate blind spots—at petabyte scale. Practice Full-Stack Observability and harness Applied Intelligence and machine learning to detect and resolve problems quickly while reducing alert fatigue. Welcome to the age of observability.

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