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Diagnostics for Your Digital Strategy

See more clearly with the New Relic platform

Having clarity in a world of ever-changing technical complexity is crucial for business success. Whether you’re moving to the cloud, adopting DevOps practices, or building distributed microservices architectures to drive the business forward, everyone at the company needs to understand how each component of their applications, infrastructure, and digital customer experience is working in real time.

At New Relic, we call this “digital intelligence,” and our platform is designed to help modern IT, development, operations, product, and executive teams see their digital businesses more clearly. With instant end-to-end visibility across your customer experience, application performance, and dynamic infrastructure, the New Relic platform can help you improve your product, improve your business, and keep customers happy.

Find problems before your customers do

Improve customer experience with full-stack instrumentation and visibility into your apps and dynamic infrastructure. New Relic monitors everything from a mobile touch to an AWS EC2 instance or on-premise Linux box—and everything in between.

  • Get code-level visibility for web applications—including single-page apps—at every point in the delivery chain, with deep integration that helps frontend and backend developers collaborate more effectively.

  • Ensure your website is up and critical services are available across different geographies and platforms.

  • Monitor mobile customer experience with performance data about networks and third-party services, crash diagnostics, and much more.

Be ready for whatever comes next

The shift to the cloud and all that goes with it (from containers and microservices to DevOps and agile practices) means you need visibility into how your systems are running so you can make better decisions. New Relic empowers your team to ship new products faster, adapt to new business models, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Ask vital questions about your software and instantly receive actionable data regardless of technical expertise.

  • Analyze feature changes with complex questions about your business and customers.

  • Make more informed product roadmap decisions by evaluating app engagement and adoption.

Spend less time debating and more time building

New Relic is built for agile teams making frequent changes. Our platform offers intuitive interfaces with workflow integration for developers and operations, as well as real-time self-serve insights for everyone else.

  • Get everyone on the same page with shareable charts, customizable dashboards, and powerful alerts offering a single, easy-to-understand source of truth.

  • Help cross-functional DevOps teams understand what services are affecting application performance.

  • Empower teams to be proactive and spotlight opportunities, with automated, scriptable tools, dynamic baseline alerts, and more.


How it works

New Relic uses lightweight agents throughout your technology stack to collect information about the health of your digital channels, and surface this real-time metric and event data through self-service dashboards, intelligent alerting, and powerful reporting.

Why New Relic

  • Full-stack visibility. Monitor and optimize your entire technology stack—from your infrastructure and applications to browser and mobile apps.

  • Real-time analytics for everyone. Empower developers, operations, product owners, and executives to make better decisions and be more data-driven.

  • Cloud scale. Scale to your busiest day without on-premise systems to install and maintain. SaaS-powered ease of use for faster time to value and collaboration.

“New Relic has provided critical, full-stack visibility to our team through REI’s technical evolution. Thanks to New Relic, today we’re able to pinpoint issues quickly, and performance is viewed internally as not just a technical issue but as a business driver.”

—Todd Wilson, Director of Platform Engineering, REI

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